Personalization Store

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Personalization Store

Executive Summary


Peerbits has developed an eCommerce mobile application for our clients based in Abu Dhabi. Our client has a flower, chocolate & gift wrapping store. The application allows the customers to select any gift, flowers, or chocolate from the wide collection of exquisite floral arrangements & luxurious tasty chocolates our client’s catalogue.

The application also allows users to customize their own gift wrappings or to choose any of the ready-made trendy wrapping styles. Moreover, the application comes with a feature where it allows its user to either go and give his gift at the store or call someone else from the company to pick it up. Same feature is available for collecting the gift from the store.


While developing this application, we faced numerous challenges in pursuit to fulfill all our client’s requirements. One of such requirements was that our client wanted us to come up with a customized gift wrapping section that allows the user to choose the box, wrapping paper, ribbons & bows, and other extra items of their choice. Another challenge was to come up with a live customer support system.


All our skilled and experienced developers at Peerbits examined these challenges deeply and came up with the solution. They came up with different sections in the form of tabs that provides a step-by-step instruction to the user to customize their gift wrap. Apart from that they also came up with a live customer support using the ZohoSalesIQ sdk