Tanariri Hastakala

They work on a principle to stay timeless and relevant having in a lot of innovative kitchen and household gadgets and making lifestyle super productive & empowering.


Tanariri Hastakala

Executive Summary


Our motto is ‘When it comes to looking at the light, one can always find it’. That’s what we are more driven through. The only thing that differentiates us from the marketplace is the innovative products we bring up and running in the industry we are in. On top of everything – We love seeing smiles when our customers use products we offer, and they greet everlastingly. It’s always timeless and incomparable. We are in the momentum, and being a differentiator requires the passion and power to be sustainable. Thus, we put a great faith on the household products we offer, and they are the key to our growing success.


World is filled up with a lot of Ecommerce portals and businesses in countless proposition. And, to make our client business alive and fulfilling, we needed strategies to execute out of the box preparations and planning. Thus, the to-do list hadn’t been that exhausted, but we beforehand analyzed client requirements and needs. That’s the reason which laid us to outshine them in the marketplace.


Top-notch solutions work as a great power. That’s when we decided to commit no mistakes, and never wanted to expect loss at any cost. We almost checked through possible ways to becoming innovative and record-breaking. Our complete developers’ team sat around and checked what best can be done to ensure client business could be sustainable and seamless. Worked hard and long, we finally developed the best and ever-green Ecommerce Portal for our client, giving them the chance to experience satisfaction and happiness.